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my history up until being nys emt 1998,(preceded by my run through of emergency room today)

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going to lay out the entire line of Allied though, contained in my soon to be snufflished debut book(last secret revealspoiler....actually the 1st book, a prankbook anagram, autistic word salad nostrodamus closed caption/ voice to text app, gone glossolallian,,,ciphers, paradoxical aphorisms..., writing directly to future generations milleniafrom now,called "fireworks".. its not sopposed to look like anything but indiscernible.......but it will suddenly makesense at the charlie finds god chapter...paramedic of souls vol3/ and nodally intersectingunderstandably atpointsin BEING ANDINFINITY 1 & 2, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK 2/ SUPERMOVIE, "christion philemon, and "funhouseyoga theory andpractice ( so next maitreya mac(introduction)will begin where thepublishedbook will...(i could die before the allied steel thought trap of its reasoning is published,,,,its too helpful and precious to the free and righteous, that i have to give it away right now, tonight.....i've been studying without realizing, since nov.1990. i can map each years content of learning and experiences, how it lead to the world historical, in the rariefiedest air of airostolle, bob dobbs, gandhi, plato, hume, hegel, you will get it if i can stop tooting a horn thats notmine totoot? it came through me like the first cave man to paint a cube on a cave wall, or a upwards five pointed star, with same length lines, or dotted the wall with TECTRACTYS @ @ @ @@@ @@@@ a priori. heartology. has cut the gordian knot, through me. praise the righteous one. archangelmichael!

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