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2010-03-12 1 196 Vimeo

verbatim from the email i sent some friends: HERE SAFE! somehow i think that instead of flying to india, they circled the globe a few times and landed us at universal studios. it doesnt feel like real life AT ALL. but 30 hours of traveling was totally worth it. thursday was the longest day of my life, literally. we went through 12 time zones. and got all wonky with sleep and coherency and basic language skills. we made fun of my dad cause he would start his sentence half way through his thought process. in the airport at Memhpis to the ATL our planes were delayed to make us almost miss our flight to paris. we were running, just like in the movies. and from paris we got on the flight to bangalore, we were already minorities at the terminal. and we made it here around 1 am their time, by the time we got to the hotel and settled in it was 5 am. no joke, the guy that checked us is was wearing a turbin and his name was Raj. perfect! slept about 8 hours in the past three days, they have spicy pankcake things called iddli (id-lee). and their bananas are out of this world. in america: you have fake bananas. love you all, thanks for your prayers. To be continued... k

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