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Demo Reel 2015

2015-01-18 22 710 Vimeo

Sebastien Potet - DemoReel Shots breakdown: * Batman, the dark knight : design and implementation of Harvey Dent facial rig, a muscle-based rig supporting blended mocap infos and keyframe input. * The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian : creation of the facial rig of the lion Aslan, a muscle-based facial rig * Madagascar 3 : facial rigs (monkeys, Gloria...) and body rigs (elephants) + python tools development * Mr Peabody and Sherman: facial rigs (Sherman, Penny, Paul, Horenheb, Da Vinci) * Australia : design and implementation of a 4 legs rig (cows and horses) exported to Massive + Pipeline development tools to export rigs out of Massive (as a hero promotion) for additional keyframe animation. * Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix: skin deformation (relaxation, compression wrinkle, bone sliding...) and muscle dynamics of the centaurs

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