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Tween You Vs Teen You: BACK TO SCHOOL!

2017-07-18 92,290 7,101 9,140,959 YouTube

When I was going back to school as a tween, everything was so much different compared to going back to school as a teen! Since these differences are so prevalent, I thought I would make a video of Tween Vs Teen you: Back to School Edition! I hope you guys like this video, I was laughing so hard while filming it because I can relate to every. single. scene. not joking. hahaha Xo, Syd💋 Follow me on Instagram!! For BEHIND THE SCENES, add me on snap! @sydneyserena.p MY VLOG CHANNEL: Business Inquiries: Subscriber Count: 88,615 DISCLAIMER: this is not a sponsored video. everything shown in this video was purchased either by myself or was gifted to me by a friend/ family member. Additional Disclaimer: Please don't take any offense to this video. I purposefully created extreme versions of tweens and teens, and acknowledge that most tweens/ teens don't fit these stereotypes. However, for comedic purposes, I decided to incorporate these extreme aspects into the video. Again, please don't take offense, as it was not my intent! 💕

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