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Id Rather Be Rich 2015

2015-11-04 1 43 Vimeo

“Id Rather Be Rich” considers the cultural principles surrounding wealth, and the universal desire to personalize the meaning of richness. By using popular themes, Kimbrell creates recognizable elements that merge visible ethos and color. Aesthetically pleasing and deeply inscribed in the history of modernism, the new series “Id Rather be Rich” by Jonathon Kimbrell is available at WALL Gallery in the Dallas Design District. Determined to be a working artist at all cost, Texas born artist, Jonathon Kimbrell, created Napkin Art Studios as his HQ for fine art, design, printmaking, photography and any other creative outlet deemed necessary. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from McMurry University in 2004, Kimbrell's fine artwork has been in numerous galleries and public and private collections across the globe. Heavily influenced by 20th Century American culture, Kimbrell continues to build upon a reputation as a premiere Pop Artist for the 21st Century. Not to be locked into any one creative endeavor, Kimbrell has also worked extensively in the advertising, music and publishing industries, and has recently started his own record label, Classic Waxxx Records, where his passion for art and music collide in epic proportions.

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