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02. Behaving: From Genes to Gender

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Solutions at Support us at: Video based on the TROM ebook “Behaving: From Genes to Gender” - - you can find all of the sources for all of the claims in the book. Here you can access all of the TROM Series Episodes (you can also find everything you need to make subtitles or voice overs in other languages) - “I want to offer further explanations and provide an article with new examples and facts about what generates everyone’s personality, including yours and mine. We will look at the gay gene, the alcoholism gene, or the violence gene, and see if they make any sense in a scientific context.” ----------------------------------- We do not own all of the materials from this video, and the following video segments are used for commentary, educational, and sourcing purposes: - Secret of the Wild Child - Feral Children - Me, My Sex, and I - Sex Swap - Inequality Within India s Third Gender Community - BBC - Horizon - Are You Good or Evil - BBC Do You See What I See - Tourette s Syndrome - Life With Tourette's - 3 Men With Tourettes On A Holiday - Male to Female Transition Timeline - Rag n Bone Man - Human Music (copyright free): WATER Cinematic Music (Emotional Piano Atmosphere) Joachim Heinrich

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