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"My Long-term Love with the Art" Preview

2011-12-19 1 312 Vimeo

I started dancing freshmen year of high school thanks to my school crew OBK. This is a preview for my 4 year Progression Video with bboying. Ill be uploading the video when I'm done with my senior year in June :) I got into my school hip hop crew the first year it was made and its been my family every year. I remember every person who has gone through OBK through out the years because each person have given me a lesson with not only the dance, but in life. The studio was my second home and i still cant get enough of it. Bboying never left me, its helped me through hard times, its given me so many amazing experiences, its given me my closest friends, and I'm even starting to make a living off of it. I practiced every morning with the 15 min we have, during lunch, even stay after school everyday sophomore and part of junior year with my bro Eric before he moved, and i even (and i still do) skip class just to dance. I still have many more years to go and I plan on having such an amazing future with dance. Shout out to the one person that's stuck with me sense day one that I started dancing. Funny how we met in Dance 1, almost two totally different people, and then the dance turned us into brothers. My brohomo Eric Molina, love you bro.

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