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Forgotten Felines Remembered

2012-02-02 2 80 Vimeo

filmed and edited entirely on an iphone 4, this not-for-profit video, made free-of-charge by maggie davis, celebrates a Forgotten Felines adoption event in Ellsworth, Maine held for the benefit of local feral cats. TIP: Let the video buffer completely before watching. NOTE TO COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: because the nature of my not-for-profit videos for children and adults is not only educational but inspirational, i often include parts of selected love songs to stir the heart (kudos to Adele and her beautiful song, "Make You Feel My Love"). So far i have not found what i’m looking for in the Vimeo Music Store. i have read copyright law and hope Fair Use applies—this, so my videos are not removed. “Digital recordings and images found online and definitely protected by copyright law can be used as part of non-profit and educational projects as long as the entire work is not used.”

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