Surprise Me!


2010-01-19 183 30,750 Vimeo

On Saturday we experienced one of the most heart felt and moving weddings we have ever attended. What made this wedding so touching came way before the wedding. Nikki and Sam’s story of how they met was nothing short of perfect. Nikki and Sam had previously been married and had gone through pretty rough divorces. They later met and the magic began. Because of time constraints we weren’t able to shoot what we call ‘B’ Roll footage to overlay on the interviews. After piecing the love story together, we realized that Nikki and Sam’s attention to detail was so dead on and with their radiant energy, that the story was so incredibly strong by itself. One of the most special things about their wedding day was the fusion of two families coming together and the love between them emulated throughout the entire wedding. During the processional I looked around seeing everyone with sweet tears of joy streaming down their faces, and I have to admit I was a little over come myself. I have never steadicamed with watery eyes. We are excited to share with you this first ever, Love Story/Same Day Edit fusion film.

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