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Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit full pre-show and walkaround at Kennedy Space Center

2014-09-21 218 3 32,304 YouTube

This may be a bit of a spoiler if you plan on visiting the Atlantis exhibit for real. This is the full pre-show of the NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit at Kennedy Space Center, with a walk around the orbiter and a bit more footage of other people emerging from the pre-show. I filmed this when I visited the exhibit for the first time on 2 March 2014, so there's no prior knowledge informing where I pointed my camera. I used this video as a way of getting to know Final Cut Pro, which I just got, so forgive the gratuitous and inexpertly-applied effects. I didn't do anything to the bulk of the footage; I just added fancy stuff to the transitions between clips. The sound at the beginning is part of Launch-Sound_Shuttle-Launch-FINALIZED from I highly recommend going to Kennedy Space Center and seeing this and the other exhibits and activities, if you can. I've put my videos of other visits to KSC in this playlist:

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