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New 2017 VAN Hyunday H1 Deluxe 2018

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New 2017 VAN Hyunday H1 Deluxe 2018 The new Hyundai H-1, also known as the Grand Starex, is a multifunctional eight-seater minivan, maneuverable and compact, yet roomy and comfortable, it will be an ideal solution for passenger transportation. New 2017 VAN Hyunday H1 Deluxe 2018 Production of the first car began in 1996. Hyundai H-1 second generation was first presented in 2007 at the international auto show in Seoul. New 2017 VAN Hyunday H1 Deluxe 2018Two years in a row in the category "Machine for the carriage of passengers" was named "Best Australian car" by the automobile association of the country. In 2012, he passed the Euro NCAP safety test, receiving a high score in the "child safety" rating, as well as a good rating in the "adult safety" category. Imagine the following situation. Minibus H-1 can easily accommodate a group of employees of one company or just old friends and delivers them from the city to the airport. Everything is ready for travel, luggage is loaded, and passengers are enthusiastically discussing what they will see in the coming days. The eight-seater car seat provides a comfortable boarding / disembarking of passengers. There is enough space for passengers and their luggage. STYLISH EXTERIOR OF NEW 2017 VAN Hyunday H1 Deluxe 2018 Exterior of the new modification of the H1 model is dynamic, urban style and exquisite design. A modern and powerful universal minibus, created specifically for safe transportation of passengers and cargo, has the following external features: New 2017 VAN Hyunday H1 Deluxe 2018: • Headlights. Large triangular headlamps are the hallmark of the entire family of the model. • Fog lights. Elegantly built in the lower part of the front bumper fog lights can improve visibility in bad weather. • Chrome grille. The radiator grille is in the form of a trapezoid and has a transverse strip. • Streamlined side windows. In passenger minivans H-1, the opening windows are flush with the body, which significantly reduces the noise level in the cabin and gives an aesthetic appearance. • Slanted doors. Front doors are equipped with hinged fasteners, so that they open at a slight angle.

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