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Lego Star Wars Miniatures Build Tutorial - Welcome to the Workshop - Lego Star Wars Miniatures

2016-03-31 1,148 75 164,143 YouTube

Hey Guys, welcome back! (With a new intro!) Here we have a build tutorial of some iconic vehicles from the Star Wars franchise. My favourite of the set has to be the sand crawler, it's simply incredible! Watch the build guide to the Millennium Falcon, Sand Crawler, Star Destroyer, A-Wing and an AT-AT. Millennium Falcon Build (1:21) A Wing Build (3:20) Star Destroyer Build (4:45) Sand Crawler Build (6:15) AT-AT Build(8:22) I actually got all of these small models in an advent calendar, however I've reverse engineered them and found you can get all the pieces from the Lego pick a brick shop ( Or at least you could when I checked 2 weeks ago. If you can't find them there, you can always try Brick Link, which is a Lego marketplace for new and old lego sets/parts/pieces. ( As always guys, thanks for all your support!

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