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Shifts in both Supply and Demand Curves - Intro to Microeconomics

2012-09-22 353 15 74,207 YouTube

We walk you through the effect of a simultaneous change in the demand and supply curves. What happens to equilibrium price? What happens to equilibrium quantity? The video is geared to an intro to Microeconomics student. •Video 1: Intro to Supply & Demand: •Video 2: Shifts to Supply or Demand Cruves: •Video 3: Shifts in BOTH Supply and Demand: More Intro to Microeconomics Videos: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Video Outline: Shifts in both Supply and Demand Curves What happens when both supply and demand shift? How will equilibrium price change? How will equilibrium quantity change? Summaries • Increase in Demand and increase in Supply, 0:45 • Increase in Demand, but decrease in Supply, 2:30 • Decrease in Demand, but increase in Supply, 4:05 • Decrease in Demand and decrease in Supply, 6:00 Recap - Chart of Summaries. 7:20

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