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Hoverboard Cement Blocks 💀

2017-07-15 6,573 588 1,197,755 YouTube

Watch the Sharer's float the river - HIGHFIVE THAT SUBSCRIBE!! --- Best Day Ever 565 Start the day with cereal with the Stephen and Carter Sharer and Adley. Take the Sharers on a one wheel hoverboard drift cart adventure. Jenny and Adley hit the splash pad to escape the summer heat. Stephen Sharer rides the worlds most dangerous hoverboard and helps me try Hoverboard Cement Blocks 💀. The Sharers want to combine a crazy cart with Nerf guns. Hide and seek and Adley wishes everyone the best day ever...sort of. snag some sweet Shonduras merch --- Find me on any social media @Shonduras!! Music: Here's some stuff we use: Camera: Wide Lens: Zoom Lens: JOBY Pod: Cool Longboards: Sweet Keyboard: Rad Mouse: DXRacer Chairs: Other Razer Stuff: *highfive* (leave a highfive in the comments if you read this far)

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