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OUR WORKOUT PLANS: Henry Cavill's SUPERMAN WORKOUT Our Favorite Workout Equipment / Kitchen Items: SUPERMAN GYM WORKOUT ROUTINE: HANG CLEAN & JERK: (perform as many warm up sets as needed while working up to your 1RM. keep warm up sets below 10 reps a piece to conserve energy) Next is a SUPERMAN //SUPERSET// Clean pull with power Clean WITH FRONT SQUAT WITH PUSH PRESS WITH SPLIT JERK (perform as many sets as needed while working up to 1rm) FRONT SQUATS (perform as many sets as needed working up to 1rm) FRONT SQUATS (70% 1RM) 3 SETS, 7 REPS SUPERSET FRONT SQUATS WITH: BACK SQUATS 3 sets, 13 reps Our Patreon ( supporter David Anthony had a cool idea to take on other people's workouts and give them a shot ourselves. Today we'll be taking on the Henry Cavill Justice League Workout. Did we enjoy it? Yes, definitely Buff Dudes approved. Feel free to suggest future workouts and ideas for this series. Until next time, STAY BUFF.

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