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Why Tony Needs to Save Loki? Time Travel Quantum Realm Explained! Avengers: EndGame Theory

2018-05-21 5,055 244 411,380 YouTube

Avengers 4 Theory. Microverse and Micronauts comics explained. Tony Stark travels back in time with Ant Man through the Quantum Realm to capture Loki and kill Thanos. Avengers 4 Time Travel Quantum Realm Explained! Why does Tony want [Spoiler] in Avengers 4? How long after Infinity War does Avengers 4 take place. Ant Man and the Wasp. Buy "I'll still get that arm" Rocket & Bucky T-Shirt: Buy "Remarkable People - Avengers" T-Shirt: Buy "Straight Outta Vormir" T-Shirt: Buy "Thanos - Come at me bro!" T-Shirt:

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