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Top 3 Fastest Rubik's Cube Solves Ever! (3 Seconds)

2017-10-02 14,371 2,048 2,146,634 YouTube

Top 3 Fastest Rubiks Cube Solves Ever! (3 Seconds) These solves are insane and if I ever could solve this fast I would be so happy. Thanks for watching let's smash 200 likes on the video and don't forget to subscribe! Have a great day! 👍😁 (had to reupload I had an editing error) → Subscribe! :) → Enter My Free Cosmic Gans 356 Air M Giveaway #3 Feliks Zemdegs Original Video: #2 Feliks Zemdegs Original Video: #2 Drew Brads Original Video : → Giveaway Results Coming Out Soon Check out my last video about the Rubik's cube world record holder Patrick Ponce Here → Follow Me On Instagram!! @EZCubing Binge Watch All My Videos!! :D → Last Video Who Wants Merch? → Random Video But Your Cubes Here To Earn Me Money :) → What videos do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments? Subscribe for more!!! Thanks For watching if you're new subscribe.

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