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Coppertone Girl: Then and Now

2014-08-26 0 0 130,678 YouTube

Shows how the Coppertone girl changed throughout history, from the very beginning in 1956 (Don't Be A Paleface! and Tan, Don't Burn tag lines) to today. Many people were the Coppertone Girl. Cheri Brand was "officially" the first Coppertone Girl (given a date of 1959). In 1993 Alexis Durgee became one. Later, Jodie Foster was in one of the commercials. Due to changes in perceptions in society, the original trademarked girl is no longer available. In the beginning, Coppertone girl is shown with the bum not tanned as the dog pulls down her blue bathing trunks. Today, she is shown in full swim suit, covering up her whole body, even with the dog tugging at her. Even TV ads like the water babies are no longer shown. In this video you can see the gradual covering up of the body. First, the blue trunks don't reveal the butt, then the top is even covered. As times change TV commercials and print ads change as well, and advertisers and advertisements change with the times.

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