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Canning Chicken Legs and Thighs

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I got a terrific deal on 10 lb. packages of chicken legs and thighs. I seperated the legs from the thighs and canned them seperatly. Once they are canned they are super good to use in so many ways. I've got a couple great recipes to use them. I'll be showing that soon. If you would like to purchase some of the products I use and love you can do it from Amazon (affiliate) by using the links below. Ball FreshTech Electric Water Bath Canner, Granite Ware, 706-2, Covered Preserving Canner with Rack (Holds up to 7 pint jar), 12-Quart BallĀ® Jar Collection Elite Stainless-Steel 21-Quart Waterbath Canner with Rack and Glass Lid (by Jarden Home Brands) Presto 09995 7 Function Canning Kit Ball Jar Sure Tight Band Tool Kay Dee Designs Countertop Drying Mat, 16 by 20-Inch, Canning Jars Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker The All New Ball Book Of Canning And Preserving The All New Ball Book Of Canning And Preserving: Kindle Edition - (when you buy the actual book you may get this for $1.99 normally $9.17. It will say $9.17 until you go to the page after you purchase the book) Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving, 37Th Edition The Dehydrator Bible: Includes over 400 Recipes The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Drying Food, Plus 398 Recipes, Including Making Jerky, Fruit Leather & Just-Add-Water Meals

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