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Polish Skimboarding Open

2013-09-12 1,064 44 345,554 YouTube

Video of the 2013 Polish Skimboarding Open. Edit by Matt McDonald at for Flatland Magazine. More photos and content from the 2013 PSO here in Flatland Magazine: Music by Beat Connection - Saola (ODESZA Remix) Download it here: Video by Equal Motion: I was lucky enough to attend the 2013 Polish Skimboarding Open in person this year since it was the last stop of the three week European skim tour I was on with DB Skimboards. We wanted to spend several days in Poland before the contest, but due to someone breaking into our van in Denmark, and stealing passports we only made it to Poland the night before the second day of the PSO. To put it simply, the skim scene in Poland is amazing. I wish I could have been there longer. Lots of riders and lots of people stoked on skimboarding. The PSO has the largest skim contest setup I have ever seen and was easily one of the more organized contests I have ever attended. A live DJ, a great MC and host in Marcin "Susel" Susmanek, epic features and plenty of other entertainment to keep people occupied inbetween heats. Open Mens Results DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2013 by Rip Curl 1) Adrien Raza [DB skimboards / Netherland] 2) Logan Davidson [DB / USA] 3) Blake Zimmerman [DB / USA] 4) Adam Balaam [DB / USA] 5) Friedrich Fluh [DB / Germany] 6) Marcin Borys [KONAR pro skimboards / Poland] 7) Marek Wołkanowski [Konar / Poland] 8) Paweł Sadowski [FNCY FAIR SKIMBOARDS / Poland] 9) Adam Michałowski [Konar / Poland] 10) Mariusz Wójt [FNCY Fair / Poland] DAKINE Polish Skimboarding Open 2013 by Rip Curl 1) Gabriela Kulka [Poland] 2) Marta Węgrzynowska [Konar / Poland] 3) Agata Kotlenga [Poland] 4) Magdalena Ciszewska [Poland] 5) Emilia Szymoniak [Poland] 6) Lisa van Leeuwen [Netheland] 7) Aleksandra Dubas [Poland] 8) Agnieszka Mazur [Poland] 9) Dominika Włodarczyk [Poland]

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