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10 AWESOME WATER TRICKS! and EXPERIMENTS You didn't know before very simple and easy you can do at home like water freeze, cooking oil and water trick with food color, liquid...etc. 10 AWESOME WATER TRICKS! - PART 2 ► Please hit LIKE if you enjoyed & SUBSCRIBE for more ( ► Check out my latest videos: 15 AWESOME BINDER CLIP LIFE HACKS 10 AMAZING SMOKE TRICKS & EXPERIMENTS If you like my work please follow on: ● Facebook: ● Google +: ► OTHER VIDEOS 10 AWESOME BALLOON HACKS! FREEZE WATER INSTANTLY EXPERIMENT & TRICK! 8 AWESOME BALLOON TRICKS! 10 RUBBER BAND MAGIC TRICKS REVEALED! (Amazon affiliate links) Camera:: Tripod:: Video Tripod Fluid Head:: Light:: Microphone:::

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