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Fast and Furious Supercharged (Complete HD Experience) Universal Studios Hollywood

2015-06-13 2,323 Dailymotion

Experience Fast and Furious Supercharged with this complete HD experience. See Dominic Toretto and a lot of your other favorite characters As they take you to their hideout so that Deckard Shaw can't trace you. Experience parties, car chases, explosions and more at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California.

The last scene is actually a simulator like King Kong 360 3D. They have 2 screens one on the left one on the right. However this experience has 8K projectors and the screens wrap around the trams more giving you more of a 360 degree experience. On the left and right screens different things are happening and coincide with each other so I edited it in split screen and like how you would see if you were riding the trams but minus the trams.

This experience coasted Universal 240 Million Dollars. (This is what has been told within the company from employees and haven't gotten a conformation on this.)

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