Tsukushi Makino, a second-year student, comes fro" />

Tsukushi Makino, a second-year student, comes fro"/>
Surprise Me!

Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) anime EP 23 Eng Sub

2018-05-03 3,163 Dailymotion

"The Arrival of Tsubaki Domyoji!"

Tsukushi Makino, a second-year student, comes from a poor family, but attends the rich and prestigious school, Eitoku Academy. The school is ruled by the F4, four handsome sons of billionaires, who bully anyone who defies them. Tsukushi attempts to ignore their antics, until her friend anger their leader, Tsukasa Domyoji. She stands up for her friend and receives a red card, the F4's "declaration of war". Tsukushi is then constantly bullied by the other students and Tsukasa, who sends goons to scare her. The F4's mysterious member, Rui Hanazawa saves her and Tsukushi begins to have feelings for him. Meanwhile, Tsukasa begins to harbor a crush on Tsukushi, after she punches him.

Unfortunately for Tsukushi, Rui only holds affections for his first love, Shizuka Todo, who has returned from France. Shizuka declares her freedom from her family and moves back to France. Tsukushi encourages Rui to follow her. In Rui's absence, Tsukasa and Tsukushi begin to grow closer.

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