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WWF No Way Out 2001 Review

2014-01-22 11 0 1,093 YouTube

*No Way Out 2001 PPV Match Grades* Overall PPV Grade: 8.25/10 1.) WWF Hardcore Championship- Raven (c) VS Big Show: ** 2.) Fatal 4 Way for the Intercontinental Championship- Chris Jericho (c) VS Chris Benoit VS X-Pac VS Eddie Guerrero: *** 1/2 3.) Trish Stratus VS Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: ** + William Regal's Sick Neckbrecker= ** 1/4 4.) 3 Stages Of Hell Match (Singles,Street Fight, and Steel Cage)- Stone Cold Steve Austin VS Triple H: **** 1/4 5.) Steven Richards VS Jerry "The King" Lawler: DUD 6.) Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles- Dudley Boyz (c) VS Undertaker and Kane VS Edge and Christian: *** 1/2 7.) WWF Championship- Kurt Angle (c) VS The Rock: **** P.S ALL WEBCAM VIDS HAVE ALOT BETTER AUDIO AND VIDEO QUALITY! DVD Collection Video: VOTE FOR NEXT Who's Better Video :

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