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My Teachers

If you're a teacher and you're reading this I just want to say, good job and you should tell all of your students to subscribe. Another thing, on twitter people have sent me pictures of them

2017-04-17 07:21 18,463,639 YouTube


Animated Music Video Parody of "Jurassic World" ▻MORE MOVIE PARODIES→ ▻SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL→

2015-06-24 03:18 54,883,190 YouTube

Minecraft Song ♪ "Talking Zombies" a Minecraft Song Parody (Minecraft Animation)

Minecraft Song. A fun Minecraft Song Parody Animation. Enjoy! Minecraft Song: Victory Chant: Get the Minecraft song Talking Zombies on iTunes: ▷▷ https://itu

2015-11-28 04:40 17,802,718 YouTube

♪ "Bajan Canadian Song" - A Minecraft Parody Song (Music Video)

Check out the Official Bajan Canadian Hoodie: AVAILABLE NOW GO WATCH ANOTHER MINECRAFT SONG! ♪ "Bajan Canadian Son

2014-11-29 07:25 35,244,561 YouTube

Life In A Day

Life In A Day is a historic film capturing for future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. Executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald..

2011-01-21 34:57 14,052,903 YouTube

TOP 1«V Λ M P ! Я Σ» vs H Λ Μ Θ Θ Ð v6

TOP 1«V Λ M P ! Я Σ» vs H Λ Μ Θ Θ Ð v6...

2016-06-06 02:25 9 Dailymotion

Μ ά ρ κ ο Μ α ρ ί ν

0-1 Το γκολ του Μ ά ρ κ ο Μ α ρ ί ν...

2017-08-22 00:23 5,035 Dailymotion

Αν μ' Αγαπάς S02E56


2015-11-23 41:56 12,740 Dailymotion

Starting SomeWhere №µ

Trying something new...

2018-03-23 00:00 0 Dailymotion

✿⊱✿✿⊱✿ €Μ€|Ν@ €ΔW ✿⊱✿✿⊱✿


2012-03-04 04:26 61,783 Dailymotion

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