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No.29---2018年12月18日国际盲流子直播 ,盲流子大骂昭明,你这是要搞文革和文字狱,剥夺我们的民主和言论自由!


2018-12-18 20:16 5,999 YouTube

Weekly Update --- Why The Senate Vote to End Yemen War is So Important

It was great to see the Senate tell the President "no more" in Yemen.

2018-12-18 04:12 2,553 YouTube

FUT-DRAFT *Boca abajo* con una //PENITENCIA// --- illarra23

Hago un FUT-DRAFT en FIFA19 y si no consigo el objetico me corto el pelo. CORREO ELECTRÓNICO - NUMERO DE ...

2018-12-18 08:36 25 YouTube

S01E13 (Kamionos belföldi sorozat) ---VESZPRÉM, SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR, GYÁL---

Felhasznált zenék a videómban: Youtube adatbázis. Záró szám:

2018-12-18 47:44 2,603 YouTube

SERIOUSLY BUILT FORD TOUGH---2019 Ford Ranger Review!

Ever go into something with low expectations and come out of it extremely impressed? That pretty much sums up my experience with this 2019 Ford Ranger ...

2018-12-18 22:50 287 YouTube

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