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.30 Carbine

Ken Hackathorn on the M1 Carbine: Reputation vs Reality Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! The M1 Carbine has long been ...

2018-05-15 19:09 292,775 YouTube

30 Carbine Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin with 15 rounds of .30 Carbine 240 fps with a GoPro Hero 4 Black.

2016-11-20 06:55 25 YouTube

The best 30 Caliber Deer Cartridges

Its deer season and time for campfire arguments about cartridges. This should get it started.

2015-11-15 03:52 87,217 YouTube

Reloading 30 caliber M1 Carbine Ammunition

2014-10-17 11:03 546 YouTube

Secret Guns: Fully Automatic .22, Hip Mounted Pistol, Suppressed M1 Carbine

Recently we've been looking at a number of high-profile developments that came out of Special Operations Executive. Namely the infamous Welrod and Welwyn ...

2017-05-03 07:30 172,009 YouTube

1942 US .30 Cal Carbine M1 Ammo Box Restoration

1942 US .30 Cal Carbine M1 Ammo Box Restoration...

2018-07-20 12:42 0 Dailymotion

Ultimate Arms Gear M1 M-1 Carbine .30 Cal Rifle 2-7x32 Scope New Generation Weaver Picatinny

Get on Amazon : Ultimate Arms Gear M1 M-1 Carbine .30 Cal Rifle 2-7x32 Scope New Generation We...

2015-02-20 01:24 36 Dailymotion

Read: War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine, Vol. 1 Free Download Book

Donwload Here Feature * Presented in Collector Grade's usual in-depth fashion, WAR BABY! is the complete story of the design, deve...

2015-09-12 00:24 1 Dailymotion

AudioBook War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine, Vol. 1 Download

Audiobook War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine, Vol. 1 Download FreeDownload Here Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine, Vol. 1Down...

2015-09-29 00:09 0 Dailymotion

U S M-1 Carbine 30 Caliber Review


2018-01-31 13:30 14 Dailymotion

Story of a Gun - M1 Carbine 30 Caliber

The M1 Carbine, originally intended for use by ancillary support personnel, the light, handy provision of easy firepower saw deployment at the front lines. It ...

2018-04-27 08:33 68 Vimeo

223, 30 Carbine, 7.62x39 Steel Cased Ammunition

So many negative reviews have been made on imported steel case ammo, and yet positive reviews are out there as well....

2018-04-16 07:24 17 Vimeo

Animation Reel 2017

* Please forgive dropped frames. All the in-game renders had to be converted from 30 fps to 24. Includes some of my recent work from Blizzard Cinematics on the ...

2017-11-20 01:49 1,485 Vimeo

Jeremy Griffith 2014 Game FX Reel

Part 1 -- Bioshock Infinite 0:02 - Devil's Kiss Vigor Introduction -- responsible for all fire fx, hand shader and shader transitions, bones, screen and post ...

2014-03-13 02:38 3,149 Vimeo

Chinese T-53 Battle Rifle

In the early 1950's the People's Republic of China decided there was a need to develop a carbine for issue to the People's Army. The Chinese looked to their new...

2013-12-12 03:17 396 Vimeo
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