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Balloon Expanding Earth

Expanding Earth Theory - balloon demonstration

2016-01-31 05:20 4,272 YouTube

Expanding Earth

An Incredible new theory of a growing earth.

2006-10-11 03:11 501,787 YouTube

Planet Earth: A Question Of Expansion (1982)

An illustrated presentation by Professor SW Carey, of his long held theory that the earth's expansion provides an explanation of continental drift and other geological phenomena. Produced...

2017-08-25 25:54 1,335 YouTube

Expanding earth my ass

Why are so many people willing to believe a nutty 19th century idea over 50 years of solid and growing evidence for plate tectonics? Because scientists are always conspiring to keep the trut

2010-11-04 09:03 379,328 YouTube

The Center Of The Universe ... NASA's Spitzer Science Center: "Ask An Astronomer (Part 1) The Center Of The Universe". In this popular video series, real astronomers answer common que

2010-02-07 02:29 67,314 YouTube

What Happens When You Put Water Balloons In a Vacuum Chamber? Will They Boil or Expand?

In this video I put water balloons in the vacuum chamber to see if the balloon can hold enough pressure to stop the water from boiling. First I put water balloo...

2018-03-04 07:51 1 Dailymotion

Expanding Balloon (Hot Reaction)

Chris Giorni from Tree Frog Treks ( demonstrates simply chemistry and science experiments for kids that can be done at home using c...

2009-07-15 02:17 110 Dailymotion

Expanding Balloon (Cold Reaction)

Chris Giorni from Tree Frog Treks ( demonstrates some simply chemistry experiments using some common household products....

2009-07-15 02:14 143 Dailymotion

AGARTHA FESTIVAL ALANI Kuleli Beach / Fethiye 4-7 mayıs

**English description is below** Sizleri bu aydınlık günde selamlıyoruz... Geçmişin ve geleceğin, dünyanın derinliklerindeki dünyanın, efsanevi Aga...

2017-04-18 01:48 102 Vimeo

Immanent Separation, 2011

Video documentation of a particular event that happened physically but that occurs primarily in the mind of the viewer. 100 grams of pure French Ultramarine pi...

2012-12-11 07:08 32 Vimeo
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