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Derived Heavy Space Shuttle Launch

Space Launch System (2011) - NASA

NASA is ready to move forward with the development of the Space Launch System -- an advanced heavy-lift launch vehicle that will provide an entirely new ...

2015-07-19 01:06 386 YouTube

[SLS] Animation of NASA's New Rocket - The Space Launch System

The Space Launch System is to be a Shuttle-Derived heavy launch vehicle. The initial capability of the core elements, without an upper stage, should be for ...

2011-09-14 01:10 55,930 YouTube

EPIC rocket concepts ⎮ SpaceX // Nasa // Blue Origin

List of all spacecraft in the order of appearance: Big F*king Rocket (officially Big Falcon Rocket) will replace all Spacex's current vehicles and eventually take ...

2017-09-29 14:10 66,473 YouTube

Liberty Launch Vehicle - ATK and Astrium Combine Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster and Ariane 5

ATK and Astrium (an EADS Company) are working together in response to NASA's Commercial Crew Development-2 (CCDev-2) procurement. The team is ...

2011-03-16 03:48 57,747 YouTube

Big New Booster Rocket: ATK Wants Their HLV

Alliant TechSystems in Utah is forging ahead with their Heavy Lift Vehicle (HLV) booster based on the cancelled, Shuttle-derived Ares rocket. ATK VP (and ...

2011-09-13 03:30 1,427 YouTube

Shuttle Derived Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle - NASA's SD-HLLV

This video showing NASA's Shuttle-derived Heavy Launch Vehicle concept was shown at the 17 June 2009 meeting of the Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Comm...

2009-08-10 02:09 13,109 Dailymotion

Space Shuttle Launch Experience

Space Shuttle Launch Experience

2007-11-06 03:34 20,309 Dailymotion

Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis


2017-03-24 01:03 152 Dailymotion

Revell Modellbau 04911 Launch Tower and Space Shuttle im Maßstab 1144

Kaufen von : Revell Modellbau 04911 Launch Tower and Space Shuttle im Maßstab 1144P...

2017-11-19 00:25 0 Dailymotion