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Earth Flat

People From Around The Globe Met For The First Flat Earth Conference (HBO)

Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but in the age of the internet, they spread like “chemtrails” in the wind. The theory that the world is flat, for example, gained so much popularity.

2017-11-28 04:01 831,606 YouTube

FLAT EARTH About To Be Proven? This Man Says Yes

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2017-11-25 05:51 592,931 YouTube

Bill Nye Comes For B.O.B About Flat Earth Beliefs

Whatever you, do not ask Bill Nye about the Earth being flat. Producer - Olga Encarnacion Director - Dan Moraru Cameras - Julius Ignacio Justin Festejo Tiffanee Wilcox Audio - Rohini Holali.

2017-12-26 06:54 172,944 YouTube

NASA Live Stream - Earth From Space (Full Screen) | ISS LIVE FEED - Debunk Flat Earth

Earth From Space Live Stream Want to know what bit of Earth you're looking at or Where is the ISS? This stream has a live map Live NASA Earth fro

2016-11-22 00:00 8,467,319 YouTube

Why do people still think the Earth is flat? - BBC News

The Flat Earth International Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, attracted hundreds of attendees who believe the shape of the Earth is a disc instead of a sphere. Please subscribe HERE...

2017-11-15 03:08 514,578 YouTube

flat earth


2017-11-27 00:42 2,152 Dailymotion

How to Create a Flat Map of Planet Earth

Throughout history cartographers around the world have found different methods for creating flat maps of Earth. None can represent reality exactly but each is u...

2015-04-30 00:49 96,905 Dailymotion

Watch Live- Flat-Earth Rocket Livestream As Believer Launches Self-Made Rocket

Watch Live: Flat-Earth Rocket Livestream As Believer Launches Self-Made Rocket A 61-year-old self-taught scientist plans to launch himself into the skies on Sat...

2017-11-26 01:05 2,748 Dailymotion

24/7 Flat Earth LIVE! 100% Proof NASA Lies & Earth is Not a Globe

Watch 24/7 Flat Earth Live! By ODD Reality: If you believe that you live on a spinning globe, think again. The spinning globe #earth parad...

2017-06-21 03:13 7,063 Dailymotion

Rishikesh Ganga Snwan 2- Abhi Barthakur on Flat Earth !


2017-05-06 01:07 26 Dailymotion

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