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Emily Koch Wizard

Emily Koch - The Money Tree (The Act)

Emily Koch performs "The Money Tree" at Broadway Sessions on October 29th, 2015. Join us every Thursday at 11:00PM at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, ...

2015-11-04 03:24 7,272 YouTube

The Wizard and I "Feeling Things I Never Felt" Comparison

A comparison video of how Wicked's Elphaba singing for the Wizard of Oz. Sung by different Elphabas in English-speaking countries. This video was created ...

2014-04-02 11:53 33,302 YouTube

The Wedding of Emily Koch and Josh Fisher

The Wedding Day.

2016-11-25 06:50 279 YouTube

Emily Koch's Senior Voice Recital!

2014-11-24 26:46 1,723 YouTube

Emily Koch - Another Day (Andrew J. Hanley)

Emily Koch performs "Another Day" - music and lyrics by Andrew J. Hanley Sheet music available: ...

2015-01-06 03:54 3,629 YouTube

Author Emily Koch Is A Bestseller In The Making

Emily Koch has published her first thriller 'If I Die Before I Wake' and it's been getting rave reviews. She spoke to us on #TheBigDaily about her risky first b...

2018-01-18 05:04 44 Dailymotion

Sheldon Adelson Gets Apology From GOP Organizers

The Republican Convention is in a last-minute scramble to raise enough money for their convention. They sent out a desperate letter this week begging supporters...

2016-07-15 00:46 40 Dailymotion

First Kiss Stories | Kenzie Elizabeth

A lot of you guys have been asking about my first kiss so today Emily and I are going to tell you about our experiences. I would love to hear from you guys abou...

2018-05-24 07:54 1 Dailymotion

TRAILER - A Lenda do Tesouro Perdido - O Livro dos Segredos Quando uma página perdida do diário de John Wilkes Booth (Christian Camargo) reaparece, o bisavô de ...

2014-08-03 01:49 317 Dailymotion

Bernie Sanders explains the Koch brothers' real agenda

In an interview with author Jane Mayer....

2017-03-31 01:43 804 Dailymotion
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