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Etitranimation Com

ETITRANIMATION company, Universal´s logo parody (After Effects)

ETITRANIMATION a viacom company, Universal´s logo parody made in Adobe AE.

2012-05-19 00:29 5,803 YouTube


ETITRANIMATION PRODUCTIONS logo animation Logo animation made by: Alejandro Rivas VFX (youtube ...

2012-10-18 00:41 475 YouTube


ALEX_RIVAS_VFX_SHOTS_SAMPLE_2017 Music: Volvo V90 Soundtrack-Track 1-Prologue by Hans Zimmer.

2017-02-05 00:41 32 YouTube

Universe Logo 2016 AE template

Epic and Cinematic Universal Intro for your PROMOS, MOVIES, YOUTUBE BLOGS, SHOWREELS, ACTION VIDEOS, TEASERS and TRAILERS. Very Fast Edit!

2016-01-23 00:47 122,966 YouTube

Examples of works |cover Universal Pictures |Sunshine studio |intro Ae |element 3d

2016-01-17 00:23 8,948 YouTube
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