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Feral Children Who Are On Camera On Vimeo

World's smallest cat - Big Cats: Preview - BBC One

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: Programme website: A rusty spotted cat, the world's smallest cat, explores his ...

2018-01-05 01:58 4,273,023 YouTube

GoPro: Wild Mustangs - A Legacy in 4K

The third of the HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K series. New episode every Tuesday. In a land of enormous skies and majestic valleys, Mustang Monument ...

2014-11-11 08:49 5,294,805 YouTube

Hope For Paws: Benji was homeless his whole life... WATCH what happens next! Please share.

Please donate $5 to Hope For Paws and help us save more lives: To adopt Benji, please contact PAL rescue: http://www.

2016-02-25 05:07 8,370,100 YouTube

How Wolves Change Rivers

Support the creation of more videos like this: This video is a gift to humanity by Chris and Dawn Agnos. "When we try ...

2014-02-13 04:34 39,392,742 YouTube

A brave little dog gets rescued from the river. His recovery with Hope For Paws will inspire you.

If you would like to watch the extended version, please visit: Special thanks to L.A on Cloud 9 for letting us know about Jordan: ...

2015-03-22 06:29 9,735,641 YouTube

Watch: Harassed shopkeeper resorts to defending his shop from ‘feral’ youths with water gun

By Bethany Gleave A harassed shopkeeper claims he has been forced to start defending his store from marauding kids by chasing them off with a WATER GUN. Joe Che...

2018-04-06 00:46 1,165 Dailymotion

Feral Movie

Feral movie - Official Trailer I HD I IFC Midnight -...

2018-04-26 01:59 849 Dailymotion

What's the problem with India's feral dogs?

A third of all rabies deaths worldwide occur in India - so what is India doing to tackle the problem?...

2018-02-14 02:36 1 Dailymotion

Desperate villagers armed with guns and batons launch fight to eliminate feral dogs that have killed 12 children in India

By Taniya Dutta  Desperate Indian parents armed with guns and batons are patrolling their neighbourhood to eliminate pack of feral dogs that have killed 12 chi...

2018-05-09 00:57 70 Dailymotion

Man and Feral Pig Strike up Unlikely Friendship

A man and feral pig became the best of friends while playing with an exercise ball in Waingaro, New Zealand. The unlikely friendship formed when Frank, the pig...

2018-04-24 02:40 28 Dailymotion
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