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Globe 4d


Globe4D is an interactive, four-dimensional globe. A projection of the Earths surface on a physical sphere showing the historical movement of the continents and ...

2008-10-22 06:34 7,946 YouTube

Globe4D gx1000 - interactive projection globe

Globe 4D is an interactive installation for immersive globe viewing. It allows people to learn and communicate about different phenomena on earth and other ...

2015-12-03 01:08 1,909 YouTube

Globe 4D

Globe 4D from University Leiden in Siggraph 2007.

2007-08-09 00:32 10,890 YouTube

Globe 4D

An interesting application. Find more at

2008-02-19 03:01 7,949 YouTube


This interactive, four-dimensional globe is a projection of the Earth's surface on a physical sphere. It shows the historical movement of the continents as its main ...

2008-12-03 02:19 11,181 YouTube

Todays Art 2007 Globe 4D 1

Todays Art 2007 Globe 4D 1Need new clothes ?

2016-06-08 01:26 2 Dailymotion

Dorcy 4D LED Twin Globe Lantern - Episode 158

Dorcy (buy here for $29: is known for super bright products that don't need a ton of battery power to keep 'em going. The 41-3108 1...

2011-03-01 16:11 218 Dailymotion

Globe 4D

Globe 4D...

2015-07-16 00:32 2 Dailymotion

Globe 4D


2007-04-24 02:15 332 Dailymotion

Moving Towards Green Technologies Environment?4D Animation Globe For Children & Beginners?

Moving Towards Green Technologies Environment?4D Animation Globe For Children & Beginners?...

2015-04-14 00:08 3 Dailymotion

How to make globe radio wave animation in After Effects AND Cinema 4D

In this tutorial, I show you how to make a Radio Wave animation that animates around a sphere. First, I will show you how we can do this in After Effects. Then,...

2009-11-18 27:47 103,042 Vimeo

How to Create a Realistic Earth/Globe in Cinema 4D

There's lots of tutorials on how to make a realistic earth in other 3D programs but I haven't seen one for Cinema 4D. The principles for all these tutorials are...

2011-10-04 19:59 6,210 Vimeo

Planet Tutorial

Learn how to take a panoramic image and create a globe with 3D text in Cinema 4D and Photoshop....

2011-11-19 09:31 0 Vimeo

iAnimate ws4 shot 2 - Brian Horgan

My second assignment for iAnimate workhop 4 lit and rendered. The character was rendered in Mental Ray, globe animation in Cinema 4D. Compositing in After Effec...

2013-04-29 00:30 1,957 Vimeo

Attraction & Spherical Title Sequence

This is a self-practice project . I determined the title for the TV play – Gravity Globe, which is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Key logica...

2017-11-19 01:59 15,262 Vimeo
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