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Hulk Ride Universal

Incredible Hulk Front Seat on-ride HD POV Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

With it's tunnel launch, light effects, zero-g roll, cobra roll, loops & corkscrews, this B&M coaster really is incredible. Watch in high definition.

2010-11-18 02:45 6,760,078 YouTube

the incredible hulk coaster on-ride POV"

Montanha Russa do Hulk, na Island of Adventure, muito bom!

2016-08-03 02:49 702,195 YouTube

Hulk Ride Universal Front Seat POV HD INTENSE

An intense perspective from the front seat of the Hulk Roller-coaster at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. My son is to young to go on the ride so I figured I would go and show it to..

2016-11-21 02:10 92,412 YouTube

The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster, Off-Ride Video, Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort

Don't make him angry! The Incredible Hulk coaster roars to life once more, and it's as big, green and mean as ever. Walk on up to The Incredible Hulk and see the good doctor Bruce Banner...

2016-08-07 04:12 191,794 YouTube

The Refurbished INCREDIBLE HULK coaster Islands of Adventure Universal Orlando Onride POV June 2017

Take a Ride on the 2016 Refurbished Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Islands of Adventure. This coaster was dismantled and remanufactured in 2016 . Enjoy And Please Subscribe for More .

2017-07-02 02:23 144,100 YouTube

Hulk Roller Coaster Ride HD (Universal Studios)

Tremenda montaña rusa en la isla de la aventura en los estudios Universal. Si alguna vez vienen x este lado del mundo..., no se lo pierdan....

2012-04-21 05:19 1,365 Dailymotion

Hulk Ride Universal Orlando Roller Coaster Ride POV Island of Adventure

First Person View of The Hulk Roller Coaster Ride at Islands of Adventure at Universal Studios in Orlando.\r\rGreat thrill ride from the initial tunnel launch w...

2016-03-06 01:24 2 Dailymotion

Incredible Hulk rear seat on-ride reverse POV Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Check out this different view of that awesome launch or that cool fog filled tunnel.\rUniversal Studios Islands of Adventure is located in Orlando, Florida.\r\r...

2016-03-04 01:55 17 Dailymotion

Incredible Hulk Front Seat on-ride POV Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

This iconic ride is B&Ms only launched coaster & was featured in the film House on Haunted Hill.\rUniversal Studios Islands of Adventure is located in Orlando, ...

2016-02-26 01:44 3 Dailymotion

Incredible Hulk off-ride HD Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Its one of the most popular coasters on the planet, so heres a look at it up close & far away, from the left & the right, from the front & the back & every othe...

2016-02-29 06:21 1 Dailymotion

POV - Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster

POV of the Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster ride at Universal Studios island of Adventure in Florida. Awesome Coaster! Shot this with my FlipHD in hand....

2009-08-30 01:10 2,321 Vimeo


"Descriptions" is an ongoing project looking at film production company logo animations – also known as "bumpers" – with visual descriptions provided by Del...

2014-05-12 33:24 10,471 Vimeo

The Hulk... Rollercoaster Universal Florida

While visiting Orlando Florida's Universal Theme park My kids tried out this massive rollercoaster named after the Marvel comic book character The Hulk. This hu...

2011-12-20 01:24 441 Vimeo

Bridget Maria Goodman FX Demo Reel

Bridget Maria Goodman Senior Digital Texture Artist ILM Credits Feature Films 2011 Battleship - Digital Effects Artist (post-productio...

2012-01-06 03:47 911 Vimeo

The Hulk

This video is from our 2006 vacation to Florida. It's the Hulk ride at Universal Studios. If you look close, you can see Christine, Gene & Rob on the closeup sh...

2008-11-03 00:31 81 Vimeo
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