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Incydent Breakdown (1997)

Breakdown (1997) - overlooking the town of 'Brackett'

Where is this? I have searched many years for this location. At about 0.39.00 into the film, immediately after the white water river scene. At the end of this clip Jeff is in Victorville, CA

2014-11-02 03:40 30,827 YouTube

Breakdown (1997)

2016-06-26 52:23 975 YouTube

**ORIGINAL** Truck blind spot accident caught on police camera Motorway M621 (M62 Crash Leeds UK)

This accident (6 May 2010) happened on an urban motorway/highway (M621 junction 2, Leeds) when a truck trying to return to the driving lane clipped a Porsche Boxster travelling parallel (lan

2010-12-12 10:54 6,837,262 YouTube

Wypadek BMW na stacji benzynowej

2017-09-08 00:04 27 YouTube

event horizon, black holes, laws of physics, space & time and lamb!

I remember a time I had lunch with Rick Ramirez and he took a call and some dude showed and babbled endlessly about black holes and time warps and laws of physics at the all you can meat res

2012-02-19 05:31 189 YouTube

Incydent (2009) PL Part 3

W Chinach, biedny robotnik Nick naprawia traktory i tęskni za swoją ukochaną Xiu Xiu, która wyruszyła do Japonii, i nigdy nie dała znaku życia.Gdy Nick e...

2010-02-25 19:58 128 Dailymotion

Walka policji z wolnością słowa. Incydent w trakcie Marszu Niepodleglości w Białymstoku

Walka policji z wolnością słowa. Incydent w trakcie Marszu Niepodleglości w Białymstoku...

2015-05-29 05:32 2 Dailymotion

Breakdown (1997) full movie part 1

Watch Movie Here ----->

2013-09-19 14:00 3,095 Dailymotion

Breakdown (1997) Full Movie Part 1

Watch here -

2013-07-02 15:03 1,269 Dailymotion
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