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Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launch Experience

Shuttle Launch Experience Kennedy Space Center

2016-12-01 05:46 23,225 YouTube

Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 - Amazing Shuttle Launch Experience

Kennedy Space Center, May 14th 2010. I was privileged to travel to the Kennedy Space Center, to watch the launch of Atlantis, on what was then, the final ...

2013-09-18 21:59 13,534,249 YouTube

Space Shuttle Launch Experience

Space Shuttle Launch Experience. For those of you who cannot visit Forida, here it is. For those of you who can make it here, it is a must see attraction.

2011-11-28 10:32 40,753 YouTube

Shuttle Launch Experience® at KSCVC

Host John Zarrella guides you through the Shuttle Launch Experience® where you will feel what it is like to launch into space via a simulation. Do you have what ...

2015-04-13 01:07 63,072 YouTube

Complete Space Shuttle Atlantis Experience Kennedy Space Center

This is the complete ATLANTIS experience from Kennedy Space Center and includes both short films and a walk around the shuttle. No video can ever do this ...

2015-03-31 13:58 27,846 YouTube

The Kennedy Space Center- The Shuttle Launch Experience

The Kennedy Space Center- The Shuttle Launch Experience...

2015-06-24 09:59 18 Dailymotion

kennedy space centre - shuttle launch experience

kennedy space centre - shuttle launch experience...

2015-05-08 04:07 17 Dailymotion

STS 133 Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Kennedy Space Center

Space shuttle Discovery launched from Kennedy Space Center on February 24, 2011 at 4:53 p.m. ET on its final mission. More than 10000 guests from around .The la...

2016-05-07 03:31 5 Dailymotion

Two Shuttles on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center

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2015-08-02 07:54 4 Dailymotion

Space Shuttle STS 119 launch-Kennedy Space Center, FL-Night Launch March 15, 2009 03-15-09

Space Shuttle STS 119 launch-Kennedy Space Center, FL-Night Launch March 15, 2009 03-15-09...

2016-05-23 02:03 1 Dailymotion

Memory Bank 120402A - NASA: STS-135

Almost 2 years ago, I randomly won a spot in the NASA Tweetup for STS-135, the last shuttle launch of the Space Shuttle Program. I got a chance to go to NASA's ...

2013-06-05 06:50 0 Vimeo

NASA's Shuttle Launch Experience

Every visitor to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center wishes they could experience what a real space launch feels like. Now, that dream is possible. From interviews w...

2013-08-28 02:17 0 Vimeo

Kennedy Space Center & Cocoa Beach

Een echte must do excursie in Florida: Het Kennedy Space Center. Een leuk en interactief centrum over de geschiedenis en het heden van de ruimtevaart in de Vere...

2017-12-04 01:00 261 Vimeo

Space Shuttle Launch Experience While in Florida, I took a tour of the NASA and experienced what it's like to ride in the Space Shuttle. The Shuttle Launch Experience i...

2008-10-05 05:47 934 Vimeo

The Final Launch of Endeavour

Welcome to the Loch Ness Productions Endeavour launch video. We created this to show our friends, families, and colleagues some selected scenes from our launch ...

2011-05-24 06:05 554 Vimeo
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