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Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost (Official Video)

Subscribe to 4AD here: 'Your Ghost' was Kristin Hersh's debut solo single, taken from 'Hips and Makers' her 1994 solo album. Michael ...

2013-07-01 03:21 404,890 YouTube

Kristin Hersh - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

http://KEXP.ORG presents Kristin Hersh performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded November 29. Songs: Bright Sunray Venus Mississippi Kite Krait Host: ...

2017-02-11 25:04 16,219 YouTube

Kristin Hersh - LIVE SESSION ON RESONANCE FM - 27.10.18

Kristin Hersh (w. Rob Ahlers - drums + Fred Abong - bass) performing LAX, Loudmouth, No Shade In Shadows, Tulum & Sunray Venus live in session on The ...

2018-10-28 17:51 898 YouTube

Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost [2-13-94]

[Stereo feed] Solo acoustic number from the main writer for the group Throwing Muses. Shown on cable television in the US.

2015-02-23 03:19 7,857 YouTube

Kristin Hersh + Tanya Donelly

Live at City Winery, Boston, on March 10, 2018.

2018-03-11 04:31 6,050 YouTube

Best Price Purgatory/Paradise Kristin Hersh On Audio

Click to download Purgatory/Paradise Ebook On Audio...

2016-12-06 00:19 0 Dailymotion

Kristin Hersh, Carnival Wig, Knitting Factory, NY, 29-Apr-

Kristin Hersh, Carnival Wig, Knitting Factory, NY, 29-Apr-Need new clothes ?

2016-05-23 03:33 0 Dailymotion

kristin hersh / Michael Stipe - your ghost

kristin hersh...

2009-12-07 03:15 8,457 Dailymotion

Kristin Hersh, Faith, Knitting Factory, NY, 29-Apr-1999

Kristin Hersh, Faith, Knitting Factory, NY, 29-Apr-1999Need new shirts ? http://ahshirts.comNeed new shirts ?

2016-06-15 03:38 2 Dailymotion

Kristin Hersh

Pas le meilleur morceau de Kristin Hersh... mais ça trainait sur mon disque dur... appelons ça de la fidélité, en tant que ex-fan (y en a t-il 10 en France ...

2005-07-28 03:10 2,698 Dailymotion

Kristin Hersh - Bright (demo) - WIP 2011

A brand new song, "Bright" for Strange Angels. Recorded in New Orleans, March 2011...

2011-03-21 02:08 1,966 Vimeo

Kristin Hersh - Chipping Teeth (demo) - WIP 2011

A brand new song, "Chipping Teeth" for Strange Angels. "Works in Progress" HD Recorded in Laguna Beach, July 2011...

2011-07-24 02:43 604 Vimeo

Kristin Hersh feat. Michael Stipe - Your Ghost

music video...

2013-02-05 03:19 1,794 Vimeo

A Very Short Film About Kristin Hersh

This is the book trailer I did with Jory Hull and some friends for Kristin's book Rat Girl (US) /Paradoxical Undressing (UK)....

2011-01-07 08:18 0 Vimeo

Kristin Hersh: Live Music, London 2016

Selected tracks from the last night of the critically acclaimed Wyatt at the Coyote Palace tour. London, November 2016 City of the Dead Detox Your Dirty Answ...

2017-08-04 27:43 15 Vimeo
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