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Lego Miniatures

Lego Let's Build - Micro House

Lego Let's Build - Micro House Playlist for the rest of the Lego builds: Welcome to Lego let's build tutorial series,

2016-05-14 04:01 773,352 YouTube

Lego Star Wars Miniatures Build Tutorial - Welcome to the Workshop - Lego Star Wars Miniatures

Hey Guys, welcome back! (With a new intro!) Here we have a build tutorial of some iconic vehicles from the Star Wars franchise. My favourite of the set has to be the sand crawler, it's simpl

2016-03-31 11:35 97,887 YouTube

Top 5 Sexy LEGO Minifigures

Welcome to BrickView, the Lego entertainment show. On this episode we'll countdown the top 5 sexiest LEGO minifigures. BrickView featuring Mike from '3 Brick Friends' and Kevin F from 'Origi

2017-05-08 05:39 409,836 YouTube

LEGO MINIFIGURES Series 13 BLIND BAG Opening - Cool Surprises!

Click here to see more LEGO Minifigure Blind Bags!: The Hunt for Mr. Gold Part 1: The...

2015-03-12 07:10 5,751,270 YouTube

LEGO Minifigures Opening - ALL 21 LEGO Minifigures Series!

LEGO Minifigures opening - every LEGO Minifigures series up to the 21st series- LEGO Minifigures DFB Series from May 2016! Look, this is the sequel to the smash hit original every LEGO Minif

2016-05-28 13:33 4,431,586 YouTube

Lego Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

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2015-03-01 06:20 139 Dailymotion

Lego miniatures collection Blind bag surprise lababymusica

\rJoin Surprise Eggs and toys on an adventure of fun and discovery with Kinder Surprise Eggs, Play-Doh toys, stop motion videos, rare Japanese candies and excit...

2016-12-29 02:17 0 Dailymotion

Un longue piste en LEGO pour un train miniature

Le passionné de trains miniatures TrainGuy 659 nous offre une superbe balade sur un circuit entièrement réalisé en LEGO. Installée avec l'aide d'un ami, ce...

2016-04-27 03:29 16,421 Dailymotion

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