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Meet the Back-Biting Masseuse to the Stars Dr. Dot

More from Entertainment Tonight: Dr. Dot has a trademarked technique that stars like Katy Perry, Eva Longoria and Heidi Klum have all tried ...

2017-07-11 02:39 65,078 YouTube

Worst Masseuse Ever

Worst Masseuse Ever. There's nothing better than getting a nice, relaxing massage. But you might want to avoid this place, because this masseuse will definitely ...

2017-11-24 03:06 1,034,734 YouTube

Interview masseuse Mille et Un Bien-Être

Découvrez l'interview de l'une de nos masseuses, membre de l'équipe Mille et Un Bien-Être. Elle vous explique son choix de travailler au sein de nos salons.

2012-07-12 02:08 1,571 YouTube

TalkingEnglish EP.35 หลุยส์-เซฟ - Masseur Masseuse

TalkingEnglish EP.35 หลุยส์-เซฟ - Masseur Masseuse ติดตามข่าวสารได้ทางเว็บไซต์ : ดูช่อง

2018-03-21 00:40 994 YouTube

Masseuse and Breathing (2010)

Michael Grinder's demonstration of breathing techniques.

2013-05-01 01:12 144 YouTube

Drame à la Cité Keur Damel : un homme pousse une masseuse du troisième étage d'un immeuble

Aujourd'hui, aux environs de 17h, un incroyable drame s'est produit à la cité Keur Damel, prêt du rond-point de l'unité 26 des Parcelles Assainies. Un homme...

2015-10-27 00:24 27,724 Dailymotion

119146 masseuse morsure


2018-07-03 00:47 3 Dailymotion

A Jakarta, des serpents en guise de masseuses

Après les poissons pour les pieds, les serpents pour le dos. En Indonésie, les amateurs de sensations fortes peuvent s'essayer au massage de serpents, qui con...

2013-11-07 01:26 6,703 Dailymotion

Kitty Masseuse

Kitty gives BEST massage in latest Professor Dog Pick! SUBSCRIBE TO WAGGLETV!: Watch More Animal Videos at:...

2017-02-19 00:21 41 Dailymotion

Seinfeld S05E09 - The Masseuse

Seinfeld S05E09 - The Masseuse...

2018-09-07 24:21 3 Dailymotion


Fourth spot in a series commissioned by Trojan© Condoms. Created and directed by Evan Meszaros. Evan's latest feature film, the award-winning thriller WINDCR...

2009-07-23 00:46 10,405 Vimeo

Masseuse gives amazing sensual massage in her massage parlor room hot asian girls give amazing massages This guy whent to his favorite massage parlor to get refreshed and relaxed. As he already knew some ...

2016-04-02 01:21 57,510 Vimeo

The Dog Masseuse

Aaron Bowden brings his dog Gilbert in for a dog massage and gets more than he bargained for. Greg Barris is the masseuse. A Must-See for all Dog Lovers and Lov...

2007-08-12 02:24 657 Vimeo

Fallsview Casino Resort - Wrong Masseuse

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting really lucky and a lucky break can make everything better. That’s the inspiration behind this spot, directed by ...

2011-11-15 00:32 9,200 Vimeo

The Good Masseuse

Perhaps the best-known installment of the "Czar Chronicles" saga, this black & white 16mm film documents the exploits of a homicidal massage therapist....

2007-07-28 03:01 2,524 Vimeo