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Paleo Earth

Paleo Earth

Watch the earth transform before your eyes!

2008-07-22 04:31 38,356 YouTube

Images Composition from the Visible Paleo-Earth

This is a true-color representation of the evolution of Earth surface from 750 million years ago to today. The video is part of the collection of the Visible ...

2011-04-22 00:58 36,893 YouTube

Earth's Paleogeography - Continental Movements Through Time

Version 2.0 - This version uses rectangular maps rather than mollewide maps like in version 1.0. Another note of interest is that some time periods are shown ...

2009-06-18 05:48 209,545 YouTube


This was ARC's first major content production for the OmniGlobe spherical display system, and is available in an interactive format or as a continuously running ...

2012-12-11 00:31 10,946 YouTube

Earth History: Rocks & Paleo Earth ... Earth History: Rocks & Paleo Earth - General Science (Chapter 1). An overview of the history of rocks on our planet.

2009-06-05 10:11 122,859 YouTube

Visible Paleo-Earth Today as seen from the Sun

Visible Paleo-Earth Today as seen from the Sun...

2015-08-13 02:00 16 Dailymotion

Cassiopeia Project - General Science - Paleo Earth

Cassiopeia Project - General Science - Paleo Earth...

2015-09-05 04:30 3 Dailymotion

Earth History: Rocks & Paleo Earth

Earth History: Rocks & Paleo Earth...

2015-04-21 10:11 51 Dailymotion

Björk - Earth intruders - Live Paleo 2007 Nyon - Suisse

Björk - Earth intruders - Live Paleo 2007 Nyon - Suisse...

2009-12-22 05:19 353 Dailymotion

PALEO FESTIVAL 2015; Joan Baez & Patti Smith by alinovitch 007 (25.07.2015)

PALEO FESTIVAL 2015 40th EDITION CONCERTS from Joan Baez + Patti Smith and other... This short movie I have created and inprovised music. My name is: alinovitc...

2015-07-28 07:56 63 Dailymotion

The Tarahumara are 94% Vegan. A Hunter-Gatherer Tribe of Marathon SuperAthletes who AVOID Meat & win Long Distance Running Races

These top elite ultra-marathon athletes eat a 75-10-15 nearly entirely plant-based 94% vegan diet and eat 71% of their diet as Grains and are among the healthie...

2015-05-30 05:02 1,479 Vimeo


Insight Earth’s PaleoSpark toolkit, removes structure from the volume; creating paleo-depositional surfaces so clear that interpreters can know the deposition...

2010-10-06 04:33 780 Vimeo

225 Million Years Ago: Triassic Paleo-satellite View of Colorado

225 million years ago, Colorado had a temperate climate and was covered with forests unlike anything found on earth today. This animation is part of a series o...

2015-11-06 00:20 197 Vimeo

Cold Claim: Your Adventure Starts Now.

Download it from the app store now! The place is Antarctica. The year is 2049. Your...

2013-03-19 02:20 274 Vimeo

Carren's Couch 03 - The Diet To Save The World

With so much confusion around all the diets out there…. Paleo, Hunter Gatherer, Blood Type, Atkins…. and the list goes on….I decided to bring you someone ...

2014-04-14 37:38 0 Vimeo
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