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People Who Act Like Animals On Vimeo


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2015-05-12 02:32 24,466,498 YouTube

Animals Can Be Jerks - Best Funny Compilation!

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2013-03-11 06:17 92,416,749 YouTube

11 Secrets Cats Don't Want You To Know

Will you be able to look your cat in the eye after this? Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to ...

2014-02-26 01:12 3,959,028 YouTube

True Facts About The Owl

Post to FB :: Tweet Link :: music : Eagle Owl: chicks and adult bird - Uhu: ...

2013-07-24 04:21 13,350,780 YouTube

Hippo & Croc: How Humans Eat Their Food

HIPPO & CROCODILE RESPOND TO YOUR COMMENTS HERE: You've seen the epic "How Animals Eat Their Food" and ...

2013-04-16 01:27 8,803,256 YouTube


ANIMALS WHO THINK AND ACT LIKE PEOPLE ,WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ? Please leave your comments ,share and Subscribe ;)...

2016-05-09 01:46 15 Dailymotion

Animals Who Act Like People

Meet some creatures who seem to have developed a few huma......

2010-12-18 01:05 3,780 Dailymotion

Animals Who Act Like People

A dog walks on its two hind legs looking to hitch a ride. For more hilarious pet videos check out Follow Petsami on Twitter .\r\r\r\rBringing you awesome videos...

2016-02-02 00:46 1 Dailymotion

Animals Who Act Like People

A pig waits until his owner walks away. Then he opens the fridge and munches on a drawer full of apples. For more hilarious pet videos check out .\r\r\r\r\r\rPi...

2016-01-29 00:54 0 Dailymotion

Lindell Sidepull Trailer-HD

We would like to welcome you to the Tellington TTouch® Method Virtual Learning Center. Here, you will find educational "How-To" streaming video lessons featuri...

2015-04-21 01:39 8,829 Vimeo

First Third of Pilgrimage for Hope - 118 of 350 miles

We have finished the first third of our journey: Miles 1-118. After spending the first ten miles backpacking with students from East High in the San Rafael Swe...

2010-11-12 04:16 2,417 Vimeo

It's Everyone's D.A.N.C.E: Debunking homosexuAl humaN prejudiCe & stereotypEs

Link to same-sex behaviour in animals video: From an evolutionary viewpoint, homosexuality is a puzzle because same-sex relationshi...

2015-06-18 04:35 212 Vimeo
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