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People Who Act Like Animals On Vimeo

Cats Acting Like Humans! Funny Cat Compilation | Video Digest

Cats behaving like humans. Funny stuff!! Cats sleeping, eating, sitting, cleaning, riding, etc. All while imitating the way a human would do it. I threw in a few cute ...

2017-03-04 04:59 9,828,194 YouTube


Thanks for watching! Follow KIDS ARE AWESOME on facebook for more talented kids! Subscribe: ...

2015-05-12 02:32 25,554,622 YouTube

Why Matthew Gray Gubler Lives in a "Haunted Tree House"

The Criminal Minds actor shows Vanity Fair his stuffed animals, a friend's wisdom tooth, and a screw he had in his knee in the inaugural episode of "My Stuff,” a ...

2015-08-17 03:55 620,226 YouTube

Why Do We Love Dogs?

Dogs are social pack animals who require attention and affection just like humans. Dogs are Cute! Happy! Loyal! To put this simply, Dogs are Happiness!

2016-03-08 02:46 64,239 YouTube

JANE GOODALL - Mother Earth

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of ...

2017-04-22 06:12 24,146 YouTube


ANIMALS WHO THINK AND ACT LIKE PEOPLE ,WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ? Please leave your comments ,share and Subscribe ;)...

2016-05-09 01:46 15 Dailymotion

Animals Who Act Like People

Meet some creatures who seem to have developed a few huma......

2010-12-18 01:05 3,781 Dailymotion

Animals Who Act Like People

A dog walks on its two hind legs looking to hitch a ride. For more hilarious pet videos check out Follow Petsami on Twitter .\r\r\r\rBringing you awesome videos...

2016-02-02 00:46 1 Dailymotion

Animals Who Act Like People

A pig waits until his owner walks away. Then he opens the fridge and munches on a drawer full of apples. For more hilarious pet videos check out .\r\r\r\r\r\rPi...

2016-01-29 00:54 0 Dailymotion

Lindell Sidepull Trailer-HD

We would like to welcome you to the Tellington TTouch® Method Virtual Learning Center. Here, you will find educational "How-To" streaming video lessons featuri...

2015-04-21 01:39 8,976 Vimeo

First Third of Pilgrimage for Hope - 118 of 350 miles

We have finished the first third of our journey: Miles 1-118. After spending the first ten miles backpacking with students from East High in the San Rafael Swe...

2010-11-12 04:16 2,421 Vimeo

It's Everyone's D.A.N.C.E: Debunking homosexuAl humaN prejudiCe & stereotypEs

Link to same-sex behaviour in animals video: From an evolutionary viewpoint, homosexuality is a puzzle because same-sex relationshi...

2015-06-18 04:35 216 Vimeo