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Rc New Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Scale model RC - Flight at Manching 2017

Space shuttle RC, Scale Model, radio controlled glider.

2017-08-07 03:37 1,538,671 YouTube

Space shuttle RC scale model - Shuttle3

Space shuttle rocket scale model 2 stages and orbiter glider RC.

2017-02-01 03:27 708,061 YouTube

UHS RC Space Shuttle Model

The second Media flight again with some different angles.

2011-11-13 02:25 2,260,935 YouTube

Antonov An-225 Mriya Lightweight RC Scale Model Airplane launching a Buran Space Shuttle

Scary Moment.!! Beängstigender Moment.!! 10th Jet World Master Opening Friday 24.08.2013 R/C Show Hans Bühr and his Wife with the Antonov AN-225 Mriya ...

2013-09-01 08:20 2,876,528 YouTube

RC SpaceX Starship - Design

So I'm back at attempting to re create a SpaceX rocket, but this time it's the SpaceX Starship! Previous SpaceX Project: SpaceX ...

2018-11-23 06:47 44,966 YouTube

Space Shuttle Enterprise sails through New York

Space Shuttle prototype Enterprise has completed its final voyage through New York. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us on Facebook at

2012-06-04 00:49 71,126 Dailymotion

Space Shuttle Enterprise makes final flight to New York

Space Shuttle Enterprise makes a final flight to New York attached to the top of a Nasa Boeing 747....

2012-04-27 00:44 1,214 Dailymotion

Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies Over New York City

To celebrate the end of the NASA space shuttle program, the Enterprise flew over New York City ahead of its permanent arrival there in June....

2012-04-28 02:22 5 Dailymotion

My Kids Watch NASA Final space shuttle launch video ! Time Capsule Video July 08 new !

My FaceBook : Yes I have it !\r\rMy Blog : \r\rOther YouTube Channel \r\r\rWhen SHDF !Link Below !\r\rKids Watch NASA Final space shuttle launch video ! Please ...

2018-07-14 01:09 3 Dailymotion

Space Shuttle Enterprise Flies Over New York

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2012-04-28 02:02 221 Dailymotion

CAMFC - Summer 2010 - Rods 3s EDF Hey folks... Heres another snippet of our summer flying @ CAMFC, one of the lads got his hands on a nice little 3s powered EDF jet, so I f...

2010-12-31 02:42 25 Vimeo
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