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Rocket Jump Jumper

TF2: Rocket Jump Champion

The truth to becoming a professional_champion Rocketeer is finally revealed. ...

2012-11-11 08:14 1,291,655 YouTube

Rocket Jumping Tutorial Part 1- The Basics

Enjoy the video? Subscribe! ◅◅◅ For those of you wanting a more complex tutorial, ill try and put that out in about 2 weeks. In this tutorial ...

2013-08-23 07:36 256,007 YouTube

TF2: Sticky Jumping Tutorial

Sobriety not guaranteed. Results may vary. Hopefully this video will help you all get started on the wonderful path of sticky jumping! I'm actually starting to get ...

2015-05-27 13:13 583,071 YouTube

[TF2 Remix] SharaX - Rocket Jump Waltz

A remix for my favorite class, the Soldier! \o/ It took about 2 days to complete and turned out fantastic! I am planning to do the other class themes (looking at Spy's ...

2015-06-12 04:05 369,410 YouTube

Rollercoaster Tycoons

Tweet it! On April 27th, people around the world took a day off because of a holiday two dudes on the internet made up!

2011-05-05 02:45 41,387,562 YouTube

The Flight System

THE POWER OF THE "VERTICAL RELEASE": by ✓ Chris Barnard More info about the program: ☛ Link: I Wish: I helped you wi...

2017-09-21 01:02 100 Vimeo

The Human Slingshot

"The Human Slingshot: Breaking the Boundaries of Gravity' - What does it take to for an unprotected person to rocket upward from 0 to 200 km/hr in less than a s...

2018-04-16 11:48 0 Vimeo
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