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Rocket Jump Jumper

Rocket Jump Waltz Remix

Art by Haruningster, you can browse his gallery on deviantART:

2009-09-29 06:02 2,258,545 YouTube

Rocket Jumping Tutorial Part 1- The Basics

Enjoy the video? Subscribe! ◅◅◅ For those of you wanting a more complex tutorial, ill try and put that out in about 2 weeks. In this tutorial ...

2013-08-23 07:36 254,276 YouTube

LEGO Rocket Jumper - Team Fortress 2

What will be made next? ▻ Subscribe! We rocket jump to new heights with Team Fortress 2's Rocket Jumper primary weapon, made ...

2017-08-13 02:45 341,043 YouTube

Red Bull Stratos - World Record Freefall

For more adventure, visit Baumgartner reached an estimated speed of 1357.6 km/h or 843.6 mph(Mach 1.25) jumping from the ...

2012-10-15 04:25 4,308,180 YouTube


I GOT TO GO TO A TRAMPOLINE PARK! RT to win a GALAXY S6: This is a sponsored video.

2015-05-14 03:06 19,620,416 YouTube

The Flight System

THE POWER OF THE "VERTICAL RELEASE": by ✓ Chris Barnard More info about the program: ☛ Link: I Wish: I helped you wi...

2017-09-21 01:02 93 Vimeo

The Human Slingshot

"The Human Slingshot: Breaking the Boundaries of Gravity' - What does it take to for an unprotected person to rocket upward from 0 to 200 km/hr in less than a s...

2018-04-16 11:48 0 Vimeo