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Shellshock Live Marksman On Vimeo

Marksman - Team DeathMatch Challenge! - [SHELLSHOCK LIVE]

This is my 100th Episode of ShellShock Live, Hope you like it! In this episode i do some Marksman challenge and i also do some 8 player team death match rounds!...

2017-09-03 20:09 2 Dailymotion

Marksman Target Challenge - [SHELLSHOCK LIVE]

Todays episode of Shellshock consists of me trying the ultimate challenge of Marksman challenge! With only One Weapon mod turned on, So if you get a weapon such...

2016-09-08 14:58 2 Dailymotion

Stop Quitting on me! - [SHELLSHOCK LIVE]

Todays episode of shellshock live consists of lots of people Rage Quitting on me! - It's super annoying but i guess i got defeated each time! :(Follow me on:Fac...

2016-09-17 15:06 4 Dailymotion

Bounty On Me! - Team Matches! - (ShellShock Live)

In this Episode of ShellShock Live we do some Team Death Match rounds where i get a Bounty put onto me! Need to stay alive as much as i can so i can get a free ...

2017-10-06 21:40 0 Dailymotion

Right On Target! - Fails - [SHELLSHOCK LIVE]

In this episode of Shellshock It consists of me failing so bad in a shot! I somehow did not see that barrier! (Check the video to see what happened). Also got q...

2017-01-08 19:46 5 Dailymotion
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