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State Fair Roller Coaster

Classic Coaster front seat on-ride HD POV @60fps Washington State Fair

This John A. Miller designed wooden coaster was built for the opening of the 1935 Puyallup Fair and was originally a side-friction coaster with the trains from the ...

2015-12-18 02:23 38,302 YouTube

Windstorm Roller Coaster POV State Fair of Texas 2013

POV of the Windstorm Roller Coaster at the State Fair of Texas. Shot during the Summer Adventures at the fair in 2013. Check out the roller coaster that BIG TEX ...

2013-11-06 02:03 67,398 YouTube

Wild Mouse on-ride HD POV @60fps New Jersey State Fair

This Reverchon spinnin wild mouse coaster is owned by Amusements Of America, a company that supplies amusement rides to fairs and carnivals through the ...

2015-07-17 02:32 2,552,515 YouTube

State Fair Roller Coaster Scene.

Two Coasters filmed for the musical State Fair. One scene shows a rare Fred Church Coaster. It's poor continuity as the trains change throughout the clip.

2014-03-23 02:17 35,283 YouTube

Galaxy Coaster On-ride Train Mount (HD POV) RCS Midway OC Fair Experience Galaxy Coaster a steel sit down roller coaster in the RCS Midway at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, ...

2016-07-23 02:41 27,043 YouTube

Windstorm Roller Coaster POV State Fair of Texas 2013

Windstorm Roller Coaster POV State Fair of Texas 2013...

2015-05-25 02:02 57 Dailymotion


Today we are heading to the HeroFair Theme Park!\rJens Channel \rDont forget to subscribe for epic Minecraft content!\rShirts! \rFacebook! \rTwitter! \r\rMap: \...

2018-08-02 23:07 9 Dailymotion

Visit at the Fair Carnival Happy and Scared 4 Year Old Rides Roller Coasters Video for Kids

Visit at the Fair Carnival Rides Roller Coasters Happy and Scared 4 Year Old Lilly Video for Kids. Kids Toy Corner Family went to the Fair. Its a cute video of ...

2018-05-04 10:52 15 Dailymotion

Daddy Longlegs (Featuring Kidsinger Jim)

My summer animation project for Kidsinger Jim, almost entirely done in Cinema 4D with some background animation in After Effects. I had a lot of fun working on ...

2015-08-06 03:52 377 Vimeo

GESTALT WORK ON AWARENESS (HQ) - PART גשטאלט - מודעות - חלק 1

HQ. gestalt work on awareness, part 1. hebrew subtitles added. BY FRANKLYN WEPNER SEPTEMBER 1, 2006...

2011-08-13 16:19 61,480 Vimeo


part 3 of a two hour gestalt session on awareness with actress bel baca. the focus here is "the rhythm of contact and withdrawal", alternating between contact w...

2011-01-01 29:21 28,565 Vimeo

Occult Agenda

New Album 'Prophet of Doom' available from iTunes or Via the New Website All video: Illumicorp (A spoof Illumin...

2012-05-18 03:21 7,174 Vimeo


second part of a two hour session on awarenesss with actress bel baca. this is the "guided awareness" part of the exercise, since here i am giving lots of feedb...

2010-12-26 37:11 22,575 Vimeo
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