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Titanic Sinking

Sinking of the Titanic (1912)

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2018-03-04 07:53 1,430,522 YouTube

Evolution of the TITANIC Real-Time Sinking

We've all seen the Real-Time sinking. I give a bit of a behind the scenes tour of how it was made, how it took off, and what we've done with it since then.

2018-04-14 12:47 62,843 YouTube

19 Creepy Pictures From The Titanic Before it Sank

19 Creepy Pictures From The Titanic Before it Sank

2017-04-23 03:58 1,572,112 YouTube

Titanic Sinking Simulator - Escape Mode

Game: Fall of the Titanic - £2 - On Steam I try and complete the escape mode of Fall of the Titanic Version:1.03 Link to the game: Link to the ...

2015-12-22 10:20 5,417,352 YouTube

Model Titanic Sinks & Splits

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, here is the latest revision of the five-year-old "Model Titanic Sinks" series. Two Academy-Minicraft ...

2012-02-20 02:57 9,670,571 YouTube

Titanic Sinking -- Sinking Simulator 2. Alpha 1.5

Rewritten physics allow for a better rigidity.\rI apologies for the many Steam Notification and for the bad FPS,\rThe game is currently under development and th...

2018-05-12 04:27 28 Dailymotion

Titanic model sinking

Night and day versions of Titanic model sinking! And some photos in addition. \rMusic based on Titanic 1997 film (James Horners soundtrack)...

2018-05-08 05:26 8 Dailymotion


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2018-05-06 19:54 24 Dailymotion

Sinking Simulator 2 | Part 1 | SINK THE TITANIC!

Wanna sink some ships with me?\r\rPatreon ► \rSubscribe Today ► \r\rTitanic Playlist ► \rTwitter ► \rFacebook ► \r\rPlay For Free ► \r\rMonkeys Spin...

2018-04-27 14:37 19 Dailymotion

✔ Would You Survive The Titanic Sinking Tragedy?

What chance did you have to survive the Titanic?\rCould you survive the Titanic? Titanic Sinking Scene.\rBe my friend on Facebook ► \rLike my Facebook Page ...

2018-04-26 06:18 2 Dailymotion

The Sinking of the Titanic

A short compilation using found footage. Think of it as a music video for music that doesn't usually get the music video treatment. A tribute to Gavin Bryars (...

2010-12-18 02:07 234 Vimeo

The Sinking of the Titanic

A recreation of the sinking of the Titanic. Cake Engineer: Zoe D. Cake Chef: Cynthia C....

2012-05-28 00:56 86 Vimeo

Sinking of the Titanic

Using hand made models and improvised props I've relied on humor and the grandeur of the Titanic story to revisit this legend. The climatic scene of the ocean l...

2010-09-14 07:07 585 Vimeo

Gavin Bryars - The Sinking of the Titanic

Trinity Laban's String Ensemble perform Gavin Bryars' Piece 'The Sinking of the Titanic'. Inspired by the story that the band on the Titanic continued to perfor...

2015-02-27 14:47 835 Vimeo

The Sinking of the Titanic

Excerpts from performances by CiCLOP at CCM and Classical Revolution...

2012-12-08 11:05 140 Vimeo
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