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Universal Logo Baseket

Universal Centennial Logo

2012-03-01 00:25 1,140,720 YouTube

Universal logo, Jaws 3D variant

The Universal logo from "Jaws 3D". This time the logo was remade for 3D, with the text and globe appearing to move forward out of the screen. This logo is usually plastered by the regular ol

2011-05-25 00:17 17,815 YouTube

Universal Animation Studios logo

Taken from Curious George.

2010-10-10 00:26 347,871 YouTube

Cinema4D - Universal Logo HD Remake in Reverse

Check out the normal version here - Programs used: Cinema 4d - Earth and Curved texted using moText separate renders for earth and text, multipasse

2013-11-10 00:23 235,439 YouTube

Universal Pictures Logo (Hop Variant)

2014-04-22 00:23 29,470 YouTube

Universal Pictures Logo (2013-present)

Universal Pictures (2013-present) - Comcast Universal era...

2015-12-26 00:26 1,182 Dailymotion

Universal 75th Anniversary logo (1990)

Taken from "Back To The Future 3." Enjoy!...

2007-09-02 00:39 18,010 Dailymotion

Maisy Intro With Universal 100th Anniversary Logo


2012-03-29 01:41 10,481 Dailymotion

Heel & Toe, Shore Z Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions and NBC Universal Logos (2006)

Taken from House on Fox.All copyrights acknowledged....

2011-10-20 00:15 10,461 Dailymotion
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