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Water Rocket Launch

Making a Water Bottle Rocket Launcher | VQC

Instead of launching fireworks this 4th of July, I'll be launching some water bottle rockets!!! This was a project I worked on in high school, but fell upon a much ...

2017-07-04 05:57 343,586 YouTube

Fullbore Water Rocket Launcher Straight

Fullbore Water Rocket Launcher (Straight) The best selling water rocket launcher in the Fullbore range, it is quick and easy to put together and will have you ...

2012-06-21 03:15 49,633 YouTube

Water Rocket with Boosters - Axion G2

In preparation for flying the Polaron G2 rocket we flew the smaller Axion G2 a couple of times at NSWRA's new HPR launch site. For more information please ...

2014-10-29 05:59 1,297,962 YouTube

Water Rocket Launcher build

This video shows you how to build a portable mini water rocket launcher that you can bring almost anywhere to launch your water rockets. Kids under 13 years ...

2017-11-17 03:15 71,071 YouTube

Water Rocket flies to 1752 feet (534m)

This is a highlights video of our high pressure water rocket called Dark Shadow flown at "Thunda Down Under" in Westmar, Queensland on 13th and 15th March ...

2015-04-05 08:20 3,116,931 YouTube

Water Rocket launching in Science summer Camp 2013


2014-03-12 00:21 358 Dailymotion

Most water rockets launched simultaneously

The most water rockets launched at the same time is 213. They were launched during an event organised by 14-year-old Boyan Slat (Netherlands) at the sports fiel...

2018-11-06 01:11 6 Dailymotion

How to make Water Rocket Launcher

How to make Water Rocket LauncherPakistan Science Club official website : DoScience STEM activities, Projects and Experiments: https://paksc....

2018-08-17 02:28 10 Dailymotion

How To Build The Simplest Water Bottle Rocket Launcher

Learn how to build your own water bottle rocket launcher using this very simple launcher mechanism. Shoot rockets over 200 feet!\rvvvvvvvv Parts List Below vvvv...

2018-04-16 07:11 25 Dailymotion

water rocket launching

water rocket launching

2014-02-22 00:59 1,354 Dailymotion

Phill Mayer - 2014 VFX Show Reel

A compilation of my latest work as a visual effects artist. I am based in Los Angeles and use 3D and 2D software such as Houdini, Maya, and Nuke. Below is a bre...

2014-09-06 02:53 7,987 Vimeo

Alek Vacura 3D Modeling Reel ----------REEL BREAKDOWN----------- DOS EQUIS- New World's Most Interesting Man -Modeled engine and cage of airboat LG Rocket Car: [shot...

2009-06-17 03:05 28,411 Vimeo

DIY Balloon Rocket Car

This project solves a Challenge for the Rocketeer Skill: Rocketeers use pressure, combustion, or chemical reactions to launch...

2012-10-10 04:03 1,800 Vimeo

Phill Mayer 2016 FX Show Reel

This is my latest visual effects showreel for 2016. Featured on my reel is a selection of commercials and films that I've worked on throughout my career. I hav...

2016-03-28 02:35 6,581 Vimeo

Actor Naani launches water rocket - 14 Yantras


2015-02-18 01:49 353 Vimeo
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