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Adg Heretic

ADG Episode 183 - Alley Cat

It's somewhat amazing how many people recognize this game despite how incredibly old it is... Today's Ancient DOS Game is Alley Cat, a quirky action game ...

2016-03-19 16:34 7,010 YouTube

ADG Episode 160 - Spiritual Warfare

This game is essentially what you would get if you made Link a Christian and put him in modern times... Today on Ancient DOS Games, Gemini's taking a look at ...

2015-04-20 21:31 5,266 YouTube

ADG Episode 175 - Rasterscan

Seems the fate of your spaceship rests on the shoulders of a barely functional beachball... Today on Ancient DOS Games, Gemini's taking a look at Rasterscan, ...

2015-10-10 15:33 4,378 YouTube

ADG Episode 178 - Paganitzu

Something I find curious is that this game is often compared to Boulderdash instead of The Adventures of Lolo... even though it definitely has more in common ...

2016-01-16 13:30 4,626 YouTube

ADG Episode 168 - Slipstream 5000

What's the best way to make your international racing game more enjoyable? Stereotyping various cultures of course! ...yeah, goes about as well as you'd ...

2015-07-18 16:51 18,358 YouTube

Ice - ADG


2017-05-11 02:16 1 Dailymotion

Ice - ADG


2017-05-11 02:16 1 Dailymotion

Watch: ADG of UP police throws flowers at Kanwariyas from helicopters

Additional Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police (Meerut Zone) Prashant Kumar showered rose petals on Kanwariyas from a helicopter on Wednesday. This comes j...

2018-08-09 00:32 1,273 Dailymotion

A peu près ADG & CD'A

Petit jeu poétique sur le site des Amis de Georges. cette chanson est écrite 2 vers après 2 vers, les amis se succédant. Et si vous trouvez quelque mélod...

2012-07-26 02:59 154 Dailymotion

उन्नाव गैंगरेप की होगी SIT जांच, ADG ने पुलिस से मांगी रिपोर्ट II Unnao rape case

उन्नाव में भाजपा विधायक द्वारा लड़की के साथ कथित रूप से बलात...

2018-04-10 01:22 150 Dailymotion
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