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Adg Heretic

ADG Episode 182 - If It Moves, Shoot It!

Usually when a game falls into obscurity, there's a reason for it. This game has MANY reasons for it. Today's Ancient DOS Game is "If It Moves, Shoot It!", also ...

2016-03-12 15:21 5,091 YouTube

ADG Episode 176 - Stargunner

Not a lot of people are aware of this final game to come out of Apogee before they shifted all focus into their 3D Realms brand, which is surprising in one sense ...

2016-01-02 14:09 5,931 YouTube

ADG Episode 160 - Spiritual Warfare

This game is essentially what you would get if you made Link a Christian and put him in modern times... Today on Ancient DOS Games, Gemini's taking a look at ...

2015-04-20 21:31 5,408 YouTube

ADG Episode 230 - Roboman

I don't think serving the public trust works like this... In today's episode of Ancient DOS Games, Gemini was GOING to take a look at Lode Runner: The Legend ...

2018-02-17 12:04 2,746 YouTube

ADG Episode 157 - Xerix & Xerix II

If you ever wanted to see the kind of stuff newbie game coders made in the 90s on their own accord without design teams to back them up, well... today's Ancient ...

2015-04-20 14:30 3,290 YouTube

Ice - ADG


2017-05-11 02:16 1 Dailymotion

उन्नाव गैंगरेप की होगी SIT जांच, ADG ने पुलिस से मांगी रिपोर्ट II Unnao rape case

उन्नाव में भाजपा विधायक द्वारा लड़की के साथ कथित रूप से बलात...

2018-04-10 01:22 156 Dailymotion

03. Sexin' On The Dance Floor Feat. ADG - Cash Cash [Love Or Lust]

03. Sexin' On The Dance Floor Feat. ADG - Cash Cash [Love Or Lust]...

2015-08-20 03:17 186 Dailymotion

Watch: ADG of UP police throws flowers at Kanwariyas from helicopters

Additional Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police (Meerut Zone) Prashant Kumar showered rose petals on Kanwariyas from a helicopter on Wednesday. This comes j...

2018-08-09 00:32 1,284 Dailymotion
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